And now for something completely different

Well, after competing in some tough hilly events for the last 6 weeks it was time to bolt on the BIG chainring and give it fully welly down a fast dual carriageway course. Great to stick a benchmark down and see exactly where I am. Nothing quite hurts like a 10, especially the first one of the year!

The V718 is as good a course as you will find, and despite the chilly conditions I thought I’d be close to my PB. This proved to be true and I gave it everything to lower it, however I just didn’t have the extra firepower required today for that, so far elusive 18. A 19:09 is my second fastest ever 10 so very happy.

Speaking of firepower  18:09 !!! Totally amazing ride and to stick 40 seconds, at those speeds into powerhouses such as Jullian Ramsbottom, Matt Sinclair and Rob Pears is amazing!!

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