D2Z break National Record!

Awesome result board from the excellently run VTTA South Wales 25mile Time Trial on the R25/3L today….

(ok, they spelt my name a little incorrectly but it was me honest!).

The combined time of Matt, Derek and myself was 2:23:46, which beats the existing best by a 3 man team in a 25mile Time Trial by a whopping 3mins (I’m told). That’s an average speed for the team of 31.3mph!!! (helped in no small part by Matt’s incredible 32mph contribution). The conditions were nice, but the locals say the wind made it somewhat below ‘float’ status, and the D2Z riders were the only ones who managed to break the 50min barrier.

We knew we had the firepower for achievements like this in the team, but very nice when it comes together. And makes up a little for a missed opportunity to go for the 10 record last week thanks to me being under the weather.

Personally I’m very chuffed to have pulled myself together after the Dales, and come out with a decent performance. Power for me was a solid 327W - It not always what you got, it’s how you use it! www.drag2zero.com is the critical factor in getting the most from my watts ;)  Not quite peak form though, so some work to do before the Nationals. I paced well though which is encouraging: as I pace purely on feel (use the SRMs to record races only), it shows that I’ve got a good grip on what I’m capable of at the moment which is vital as the training intensifies over the next few weeks.

Thanks a lot to the team for making this an awesome day we’ll all remember (we will even have certificates!), the Welsh for being so welcoming and running such a great event (sorry we were a little late for the presentation), and Derek for picking me up at 5am and doing the 500miles of driving. Enjoy the beer tonight mate!


6 thoughts on “D2Z break National Record!

  1. 2:26:45 for DrJ, DT and MH for a minute off previous record and certificate number one. Then another one as per above. Poor Matt only gets one (more) certificate!

    Can more come off it on Etwall with Chas riding?

  2. Very impressive times from the top 4!
    Derek, Jeff, Chas and Matt all down for BDCA 25 on Etwall this coming Saturday. Wouldn’t bet against it going again if weather plays ball!

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