More results from the weekend…

Making up for a frustrating ride the week before at the Rudy Project, Julia was back to winnings ways on Saturday with a time of 54:38 in the Farnborough & Camberley 25mile TT. The mens event was won with a mid 50.
Also on Saturday, Jon and Wal rode the Wyre forest 14 which was a 1 lap support race to the Wyre forest SPOCO 2 lap 28 mile TT. Wal reports:
‘As neither of us had ridden this event before, we opted to do the one lap of the lumpy,narrow, tractor riddled, stray dog course but as the race only fielded 11 entries inc 2 dns, finishing top 10 was on the cards!! Jon won and i was 3rd.
Anyway, great weekend again for the team, Chas marking his return and 25 team record getting smashed. Top job to all concerned’

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