Such a perfect day!

What a great day out with the team! All the planning and preparation came to fruition……actually , I think it went something like Matt said he was off to Wales to hammer out a fast 25 and would we fancy joining him. It may sound simple getting a team of riders together for a race but when you factor in family, work, and life constraints in general and mix it up with different riders strengths and targets (and form!!) , it takes some doing.

Having raced Feb and March off base training, coach John Morgan has introduced some top end work over the last few weeks and it’s fairly clear to see it’s effect on tuning my engine up, ready to support the team in it’s aims. So with my power rising and my drag lowered after the recent wind tunnel trip I was hoping to at least come home with a new PB, having only ever dipped under 50 minutes once by a few seconds. To come home having broke Team Competition Record twice , knocked a minute off my PB and joined the ’48 club has left me gobsmacked to say the least!

The amazing result of taking the top 4 places belies the quality of the field. Mark and I were only on “five” marks.

Despite only feeling average in training recently, things just came together on the day. I always turn up on the start line with an open mind and well up for it. Sometimes you just have to get out there and deliver your best effort regardless of how pants you’ve been feeling. I’ve PB’d many times feeling awful throughout, but Sunday’s race was one of those rare occassions where lungs and legs were hurting equally and my mind was well connected oozing positive thoughts.

It is a real pleasure being amongst a group of such amazing sponsors and riders, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to contribute. We were outside the HQ on Sunday having such a natter with many other competitors and playing with Marks newfangled electric gears that we missed most of the prize presentation….oops, sorry folks. Really appreciate all the efforts of everyone who contributed to the South Wales VTTA in running such a top event.

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