+1 for the future of time trialling

Big up to my mate Liam ‘Skunk’ Bosley for doing his first TT tonight! Good ride too, 32mins for 12.5miles somewhere in the vicinity of his new base Derby (event was won with a 28). Liam used to come to Nats with me and Antoinette as ‘support’ – which involved the two of them finding an off-licence, cheering like yobs and filming a little ‘blair witch’ style video of the race, then making me drive them home via McDonalds and usually one of Liams ‘short cuts’ which were often scenic but rarely short.

The weird thing is, after battering himself senseless for 32mins for no more reward than 4 numbers scribbled on a scrap of paper and a pat on the back, he’s now asking for training advice and Antoinette is advising him on which TT bike to buy! (she knows much more about cycling than me). All seems slightly loopy to me, it’s a long time since I got sucked into this game.

Good luck Liam, and remember I have first dibs when Brailsford starts trying to sign you up for Sky ;)

2 thoughts on “+1 for the future of time trialling

  1. This is seriously fabricated, anyone who knows me knows I have never been in an off licence or a McDonalds in my life! The joys of supporting a cyclist, eh?!

  2. Nice one Liam, we met at the National 25 in 2008, not so sure you’ll remeber me though :-)

    And Antoinette…… if the cap fits ;-)

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