Well that was a surprise!

……. not that Michael Hutchinson put almost 3 1/4 minutes into me, but that I came 3rd against such a high quality field in my first 25 since August 2009.

On the drive to the BDCA 25 I’d made the decision not to ride if it was raining. In places the A50 has a concrete surface and when wet vehicles throw up a huge plume of spray making it difficult for following traffic to see through it and therefore cyclists. Fortunately it wasn’t a choice I had to make as the roads had dried significantly following the heavy shower that came through just before the start of the event.

Credit: www.chrisleesphototgraphy.com

There was a block head wind out which meant a mad tailwind return. My plan was to ride positive power out and then take advantage of the breeze on the way back. Riding using solely 3 second, 30 second and average power on my Garmin I attempted to sit at approximately 7 to 8 watts more than my FTP to the turn. The return leg was made really interesting because of the high speeds involved. Looking at my power file later there was a 15 watt difference between the two legs, with my average power for the ride almost bang on my current FTP. As it was I was very pleased with that and felt I’d made best use of the power I had available on the day.

I’m starting to feel like I belong again. It was great to catch up with a lot of people I’d not seen in ages and even though I’m not a great fan of the A50 based courses I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Many thanks must go to Sue Bowler and her team for organising another great event.

3 thoughts on “Well that was a surprise!

  1. Great to see you back racing after all your bad luck over the last couple of years Chas. Awesome photo too. Hope to catch up at the National 10.

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