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  1. Looks like you’ll be right back on it this season Chas. Despite having done some illicit international trading in SRM mounts, I don’t think we’ve actually met. I was the guy sitting next to Matt, talking about old times and perving over his Bont Chronos!
    You riding the South Pennine in a couple of weeks? I’m playing in a wind tunnel next week – if I find 80 Watts you should be scared!

  2. You should have introduced yourself Doug, I didn’t realise that was you. I think we might have bumped in to each other in the late 90′s when I moved from triathlon to testing round Cheshire. IIRC you were always one of the people who were up there and I was trying to beat :-)

    I’ve been having a look at the SUHPA stuff…. looks like fun. Is it your brother that’s involved with it? I bought one of the Ecomposites head fairings that he was making when he was poor graduate. Say hi from me, think I’m a bit heavy to pedal his plane :-)

    I was considering the South Pennine event, but I got a qualifying time for the National 25 on Saturday and if I’m honest I’m not a great fan of riding the A50.

    By the way, I could do with another oversize SRM mount if you’ve got one spare :-)

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