Mixed results today

Weekend started well for the team with Jeff Jones taking the win at the Bath CC before 10am. His time of 20:22 reflects the tough conditions. Then Jon Simpkins finished equal 1st at the WLCA 10, however his prize money will be going towards a new tub as he punctured on the run in to the line. Wal backed him up with a solid 22:49.

Chas also punctured at the Glossop Kinder 25mTT on the legendary (or infamous) J2/9 course. Unfortunately his timing wasn’t quite as good as Jons, as he punctured on the way to the start and didn’t get to race. Very frustrating!

Personally, I took on the L101 at the Wigan Wheelers event with my Di2 Battery swinging by the wire (totally my own fault), and then on the way back I hit some wicked crosswind gusts while doing 35-40mph that weren’t compatible with my H3C front, and I’ll admit to being extremely scared as the front wheel seemed to skip across the tarmac when hit by the wind. The shock as the wheel hit tarmac again even dumped the chain onto the little ring. I didn’t feel like ending up squashed on the front of a car like a bug so I lifted off and rolled to the finish. Again not having the right wheel for the conditions is my own fault. Looking forward to┬áreceiving┬áthose Smart-ENVEs though Simon ;) Finished mid-field somewhere, and heard some rumours about me riding a road bike (that would have probably been a better option!). Dave Brabbin misheard me and thought I’d had a problem with my guts, rather than the gusts!

I get a chance to make amends tomorrow though, with the prolific Dave and Eileen Brabbin running another event for the Wigan Wheelers on the L304. I’ve secured the battery, and the famous Matt ‘Mustang’ Stelly has offered to lend me a more suitable wheel, which is great as the wind is due to be worse!

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow.

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