Jeff’s April roundup

As I write this, the wind is howling outside, the rain is lashing down at frequent intervals, Liz is sick and I’m not going riding (yet). April officially ends tomorrow and I will be glad to see the back of it. In hindsight, entering a bunch of races on fast courses on the assumption that the weather was going to be as good as last April was a bad idea. Not all bad though.

On Saturday I rode and won the Bath CC 10 on the U47r – the slower reverse version of the U47. I definitely wasn’t thinking of a PB but I did want one final race before the national 10 in three weeks. I also wanted a longish training day so I set off at 5:45 to ride the 30+ miles to the HQ in Ashton Keynes.

It was grey and a chilly NE wind was blowing, but the forecast was for it to stay dryish at least. Nope, by the time I got there it was actually raining and you couldn’t pass it off as low cloud either. It stopped before too long, but the roads were wet and that’s never a nice thing on a dual carriageway. Rain is far worse though, as anyone who has driven or ridden in it can testify.

There was a reserve course but the event had already started so it had to continue on the original course or be cancelled. I was in two minds. I got kitted up, rode to the start, got very cold in doing so, noted that the roads were still wet but the rain had stopped and the visibility was decent so figured it was ok (just) to ride.

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