Joining the peloton

After a few weeks without racing after the fearsome “man-flu” I’d had an encouraging week commuting and was looking to pin a number on for a top end workout. Having been marshalling the local club 10 recently I thought I may have a bash myself next week, but decided literally last minute to have a go at bunched racing on the Paletine circuit 3 miles from my house. A full day of racing organised by Jenny Gretton of BC and the Paletine development group.All I needed to do was take the mudguards off my 12 year old Giant TCR and clean the cobwebs off my 36 spoke GL330 sprints :)

Well, a top end workout was what I was after and that was certainly what I got !  12 years since my last bunched race – a real shock to the system! I spent most of the race yo-yoing out the back of the bunch , before I tried yo-yoing off the front of it later on. This worked quite well although I couldn’t catch the early break. I’m now hurting in places I didn’t know I had places! I finished 3rd, but if the bunch caught me I’d defo’ have been lantern rouge ;)

I’ll be back !

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