Matt finishes his preparation for the National 10

With the men’s National 10 mile championship just one week away, Matthew Bottrill won south Pennine cc 25 mile time trial in a time of 48.30, beating his nearest challenger Matthew Sinclair Lutterworth cycle center by just under 2minutes. For Bottrill this came after completing  the hardest week training he had ever undertaken.

Matt said:

“Today’s race really went well. I surprised myself how I felt following this week’s training which has been hell. I have pushed myself to the limit both physically and mentally. I have tried to utilise all the spare time I’ve had to eek out that something extra which I’m going to need on the 20th if I’m to pull off the win.

Bob Tobin my coach ( checked the weather reports for today’s race so we knew it wasn’t going to be a float day and therefore took the decision to do some high intensity threshold intervals the day before in an attempt to put the icing on the cake prior to the 10. What this meant though was that I felt great going to the turn but smashed on the way back! Anyway all the hard work is done. All I can do now is relax and look forward to next weekend. I have done everything I can to get to my peak condition, so let’s see what the day brings. I am so excited.”

Working full time and having a family I asked Matt what it takes to race at top level?

“I think the key for anybody is to be organised and plan ahead, you always need to be thinking about the next day. I try and plan everything for the week in my head, to get the most out of yourself you need to be like that. So for training I always make sure Im well fuelled before I go out. While training you need to be thinking about the following days session so drink well, have a recovery drink or something with high protein once you return, it’s best to do this in the first 10 to 15 minutes. Zipvit Sport have some fantastic products which really help with this.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt from Bob is to be realistic about the amount of time you have to train, if you have only 45 minutes to an hour then make the most of that time. That’s when training with a power meter makes such a massive difference because it allows you to be very specific in your goals for the session

For those of you reading this who are riding the National 10 good luck and see you there.”

1st Matthew Bottrill 48.30
2nd Matt Sinclair Lutterworth cycle center Rt- 50.26
3rd Joel Wainman Team Swift- 51.46

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