Tales from St Johann

I was on holiday in Austria last week with my wife Jane and a couple of friends, Mike and Sheila.

On the Friday I went for a road ride to Saalfelden.  Halfway there, as I passed through Leogang, I noticed there was a UCI sanctioned IXS Downhill Mountain Biking competition being run. Well I thought I’d take a quick look so I pulled over.

Chatting to the guys on the Monster Energy stand it turned out that there was qualifying that day with the main events being spread over the Saturday and Sunday. At the time I thought it’d be good to watch and figured I’d see whether the others would be interested in going over there later in the weekend. Apparently, because it was the same course that was being used for the World Championships later in the year, all the big hitters were there, including Gee Atherton and his sister. As I left one of the guys on the stand handed me a small packet made of card emblazoned with the Monster Energy logo and said “This might come in handy later”. Thinking they were energy tablets I put them in my jersey pocket and set off. Mike and I were going out for an MTB ride later that day so I figured they’d come in handy.

We’d been planning a route for a couple of days, in total it would be about 40km, half of it off road. The major climb, which was on forest tracks, went from 600 metres to 1505 metres, so quite significant and was done early on. It was hot and Mike was riding a borrowed MTB which was heavier than the one I’d hired. Because of this my progress was a little quicker than his and on reaching the highest point I pulled out the map to make sure we were still on track.

Mike approaching the first major obstacle ;-)

It was then I remembered the energy tablets. Excellent, I was a little hungry and wasn’t carrying any other food so I thought I’d neck them before Mike arrived then I wouldn’t have to share them with him.

Well imagine my surprise when I opened the card wallet to find a foil wrapped condom! It was only then that the words of the guy on the stand started to make sense…

Yeah right, I thought, chance’d be a fine thing :-)

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