Fixed or Gears……?

After a big weekend last week, this week planned to be a little less stressful on the body so i dont over do things before the National 50, i always think everythink happens for a reason and so my entry not arriving for the Mercia 25 on sunday maybe a blessing in disguise! It’ll be a chance to get a long steady ride in now instead of a full on race effort, a nice relaxing cafe stop in the sun im thinking!! oh yeah its still raining, grrrr!!!

So anyhow today i got wet again, and also beat by team mate Jon Simpkins, just because he’s my team mate dos’nt mean i except it though… Lots of positive to take from todays Redditch Road and Path CC’s open 10 based around salford priors on the K33/10D. I drove the course before hand to check out the conditions and was happy enough to ride in the rain, even though it was lashing down, visibility was good on the dual carriage way section and traffic was light, so i geee’d myself up for a good warmup knowing i’d be soaked before the start, still once your wet your wet, so no worries, just told myself to MTFU!

The K33/10D is a loop based course with the first 3 to 4 miles on a very up and down lane, probably the hardest part of the course especially when this section is straight into a very strong headwind!! after that its not to bad and gets quite quick once you hit the dual carriageway after about seven miles. So a headwind on the hardest section of the course and wet roads too, my fixed wheel bike, aka Suzie!!! has some very nice light weight tubs on and i was’nt willing to wreck thoses as well as thinking id lose alot of time with the nature of this course on fixed wheel, so gears it was.

I have big issues with choosing between fixed and gears, all my PB’s are on fixed except for my 12hr, always feels like im giving up some time when riding gears and i never feel settled,  but to be fair im really pleased i rode gears, for once i would say it was quicker, dont tell Baz, lol. After some tips from Jon about this course i went out super hard for the hardest bit of the course then tryed to hang on for the remainder, crossing the line in 20.47 after a short sprint from the last island, i thought thats a decent ride in todays conditions, i knew deep down though that Jon would beat it, he’s got some super form over ten’s this year and by the looks of things has’nt eased up after his super performance he put in at the National 10.

Jon won the event in 20.26, me 2nd and Simon Harradine 3rd in 20.53 with Paul Welsby backing us up well with a mid 22, had there been a team prize im sure we’d have had it. No race pics today as my official photographer, aka my girlfriend was walking our new mascot, Poppy

She’s a bit of an england fan! Anyway for the geeks out there i have a pic of my garmin download, the figures look promising and things seem to be finally be moving in the right direction, roll on the National 50! having won my last five 50′s i think Hutch will be proper worried, ill doubt he’ll show to be honest Ha ha!

2 thoughts on “Fixed or Gears……?

  1. Told you gears were faster. I also was beaten again into second place by big Matt 11 seconds!!!

    • Ha ha maybe on that course, Matt’s having a top season so you must have gone well to nearly get the win

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