Raining champion rules again

….sorry about that lol . Michael Hutchinson powered round the National 25 mile Championship course to record an astonishing 47:01!! Team mate Matt did an amazing ride grabbing the bronze behind Sky Pro Alex Dowsett! Atrocious conditions saw many riders off later in the worst conditions not start or pull out part way through for safety as visibility was reduced at times. Two of D2Z’s main contenders decided this was the correct decision for them. In hindsight most of us off at the end of the field should have done the same but sometimes decision making full of adrenaline at race intensity can be tough to get right.

I realised in my current form I wasn’t going to set the world alight but was certain of doing a solid performance. I felt really good and things are starting to click into place again. I was just happy to hook up with the team at a top event and give it my best shot.

I managed to get round the turn at half distance without capsizing and was looking to open the gas a little more on the return leg. All was going well untill my chain came off descending one of the hills. I reached down and tried to get it on again, but quickly realised poking my finger in rotating machinery at 40mph could lead to issues…

A bit of verge time was required to unjam things and I was on my way again. Wound it up a fair bit in the closing miles and was very pleased with my time of 53:25 all things considered. Despite the conditions I really enjoyed my first attempt at the National 25, promoted this year by Cleveland Couriers, and hope to return next year for a more successful outing.

pic by Nick Hansen

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