Exceeding expectations

I returned from my big day out in sunny Shropshire stunned on what I’d somehow managed to achieve! Never in a million years did I expect to come away with that result after a 100 miles of combat against the finest long distance specialists in the land. It just goes to show that a positive outlook, sound nutritional strategy and a man size portion of PLF can deliver a performance that exceeds your own expectations …and by some margin!

My mission for the race was to try and back up Matt and Scott in the quest to be Team Champions, and with 5 very strong teams entered it was going to be quite some task! Despite not having ridden over 2 hours since March I was fairly sure I’d get round but was prepared for a fairly unpleasant time given how bad I felt in the Otley CC 50TT two weeks previously, despite winning it.

I felt quite relaxed in the early stages but was concerned my mind was writing cheques my body couldn’t cash as I was closing on my 5 minute man who had just knocked out an 18 minute 10TT recently.

It was fairly plain sailing and I was loving every minute of it…..until the nasty man with the hammer got me around the 86 mile point! I spent a fair few miles as a plodding gibbering mess, just about capable of forward motion. I realised the Team win could be slipping out of our grasp and gave myself a proper talking to!

…I don’t remember much after that apart from destroying an armrest and nearly shattering my elbow on the only pothole on the course, but my power file shows I dragged myself up 30 watts for the last 5 miles. I was in that “special place” which you only visit once every blue moon!

It was only the motivation and inspiration of my Teammates that enabled me to support them on this day. I’m so happy not to have let them down.

It actually hasn’t properly sunk in yet that I managed to bag the Bronze medal. I think it’s defo’ a lesson to always believe in yourself and give your all on the day :)

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